Zitro-Stats Overview


Zitro-Stats is a web based tool providing various statistics from Soldat servers' or clients' log files.
It's simlilar to HLstλts for Half-Life based games.


You can see Zitro-Stats running on the following servers:
Woor.de Stats
Elite CTF


PHP (4.3 or higher), MySQL, Web server (Apache recommended)


PHP (4.3 or higher), MySQL, Web server (Apache recommended)

How it works

Zitro-Stats is completely written in PHP and is devided in two main parts: update scripts and web page scripts.

The update script reads out all log files which are new or have changed since last update and stores needed information to database. The update script can be run manually or frequently (with batch/shell script or with cron).

The statistic web pages are generated directly from database information, which allows more advanced rankings (with search, sort) and provides the most recent results. Everyone is allowed to customize and edit the web interface of cause!

Player, clan, weapon ranks and stats
Multiple server support
Complete killlog history
Player signatures
Usage statistics for each server
Clan tag detection feature
Admin web interface
Interactive user settings (cookies)
Completely written in PHP
Continuative log reading
Support for local or FTP log files
Suggested configuration